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Princess Diana

Second Anniversary

Monday August 9 12:29 AM ET

Royals To Mark Diana Anniversary Privately - Paper

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's royal family will not mark this month's second anniversary of the death of Princess Diana with any special service of commemoration, the Daily Mail reported Monday.

Queen Elizabeth had decided that any royals wishing to mark the day -- Tuesday, August 31 -- could do so privately, said the newspaper, quoting unidentified Buckingham Palace officials.

It said the queen believed a line must be drawn on public displays of grief over Diana.

The queen would be staying at the Balmoral royal estate in Scotland later this month and would say prayers for Diana at a local church service the previous Sunday, the Daily Mail said.

No one was immediately available at Buckingham Palace to comment on the report.

Last year, the queen, Diana's former husband Prince Charles and their two sons Prince William and Prince Harry attended a service at Balmoral to mark the first anniversary.

Diana, divorced from heir-to-the-throne Charles, was killed in a Paris car crash.

Charles, long-time lover Camilla Parker Bowles and his two sons were reported last week to be enjoying their first ''family'' holiday together.

British newspapers, some citing unidentified friends of the royal family for their information, said they were on a yacht cruising the Mediterranean.

Diana and "her boys".

Tuesday August 3 9:29 AM ET

British Paper Mourns 'Forgotten' Diana

LONDON (Reuters) - A British newspaper launched a campaign Tuesday to honor Princess Diana, saying the ``People's Princess'' was a forgotten figure just two years after her death in a Paris car crash.

``Whether you loved her or hated her, nobody can doubt that when she died Diana was the most mourned woman of modern times,'' said the Daily Mirror in a front-page spread devoted to Diana.

The paper said it was high time the government and Queen Elizabeth honored the princess with a memorial, saying none of London's 286 official statues were devoted to Diana.

``It is almost as if she never existed,'' said the paper. ''If we are not very careful, there is a very serious danger that she will simply disappear from our memories.''

There is little chance of that, with Diana's face frequently plastered over the nation's media, lawyers forever wrangling over the copyright to her name and at least three dozen roses named after her.

A hospital bears her name, as does a nursing group, while a memorial fund set up in her honor has doled out millions of pounds (dollars) to good causes.

Newspapers frequently talk up the physical similarities between Diana and her oldest son, Prince William, and drool over the charisma that mother and son both share.

``We believe a statue is the right way for the country to salute Diana's memory,'' said the paper. ``It should be prominent in a part of London where everyone can freely visit.''

The paper said an announcement should come before the second anniversary of Diana's death, on August 31, in what would be a fitting tribute to her sons, the princes William and Harry.

Plans for Di memorial scaled down

LONDON - The committee overseeing memorials to Princess Diana announced Wednesday that it has scaled down plans for an elaborate project in Kensington Gardens after angry protests from area residents.

British treasury chief Gordon Brown, the committee's chairman, said the original proposal for an elaborate 2.7-acre site costing $16.5 million had been replaced by a more understated plan involving a smaller garden and memorial walk.

The most significant aspect will be a walkway connecting four of London's great parks - Kensington, Hyde, Green and St. James's - but the walkway no longer will follow Diana's funeral procession route, Brown said.

The parks will be connected in a figure-eight shape, with Hyde Park in the center, allowing people to start and finish the walk however they choose.

''This will be one of the most magnificent urban parkland walks in the world,'' Brown said.

A cost estimate for the new project was not provided.

Residents and local legislators overwhelmingly opposed the original plans centering on Kensington Gardens - located outside the palace where Diana had lived - fearing the damage on the neighborhood by millions of extra visitors expected each year.

Brown said the committee's other main proposals were on track, including a commemorative 5-pound coin (worth about $8) to be released next July 1, which was Diana's birthday.

The other projects are community children's nursing teams, dubbed Diana's Angels, and the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Award, to be given to youths ages 11-18 for community service or overcoming personal problems.

Diana died in a car crash in Paris on Aug. 31, 1997.

By The Associated Press

Britain's Princess Diana, right,. and the Queen Mother Elizabeth ride in an open carriage
down the course at the royal Ascot during the racing season on June 18, 1986.
The Queen Mother turned 99 on Wednesday, Aug.4, 1999. ( AP Photo / Gerald Penny, file )

New Exhibits at Althorp to celebrate the life of Diana, Princess of Wales
2 June 1999

A number of new and exciting items will be on show at Althorp's exhibition to celebrate the life of Diana, Princess of Wales that opens on the 1st July until 30th August 1999. These include:

After extensive research, the christening gown worn by Lady Diana Spencer at her baptism in Sandringham Church when she was a month old was located in Norwich. The white cotton lawn dress was among 15,000 outfits held in storage for the last two years at Norfolk's Costume and Textile Study Centre.

The embroidered 19th century petticoat and three-foot long dress had been lent to her grandfather, the 7th Earl Spencer, for a display, but when Diana's mother saw it she much preferred it to the Spencer Family robe and insisted that her daughter be christened in the elaborate gown.

Two of the bridesmaid's dresses have been secured - one was purchased via an auction house and the other has been loaned to the Althorp Exhibition. They belonged to the eldest and the youngest bridesmaids. Elizabeth and David Emmanuel designed the dresses, like Diana's wedding gown.

Two musical manuscripts give a unique insight into Candle in the Wind '97. Sir Elton John recorded his special version just one hour after he had sung at Westminster Abbey whilst Sir George Martin hastily wrote the score for the musicians. Candle in the Wind '97 became the biggest selling single of all time, with sales of more than 33 million copies, worldwide.

The hand written manuscript with the revised words are personalised by Bernie Taupin and indicate that he wrote a first and second version of this song. The manuscript has been kindly loaned to Althorp by the Lund Foundation; a charitable organisation set up by Walt Disney's daughter.

Tuesday August 17 10:26 AM ET

Photographers Not Blamed for Diana

PARIS (AP) - France's state prosecutor's office said Tuesday it found no evidence to prove that chasing photographers were directly responsible for the car crash that killed Princess Diana.

The prosecutor's office said it sent a recommendation to investigating Judge Herve Stephan that charges be dismissed against the nine photographers and a press motorcyclist implicated in the crash.

The investigation did not establish ``direct cause and effect'' between the photographers and the loss of control of the vehicle, which appears to be the ``decisive cause of the accident,'' the prosecutor's office said.

It added that ``no charges likely to form the basis of criminal proceedings resulted from the meticulous and very comprehensive investigations that were carried out.''

Judicial sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, had told The Associated Press on Monday that the prosecutor had recommended dismissing the charges against the 10 suspects.

The photographers and the motorcyclist were placed under investigation shortly after the Aug. 31, 1997, crash that killed Diana, her boyfriend Dodi Fayed and their driver, Henri Paul. Only bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones survived.

The suspects had been placed under formal investigation, which in France is one step short of being formally charged, for manslaughter and failing to assist people in danger.

The prosecutor's office said nothing indicated that any of the 10 who reached the scene shortly after the accident were guilty of not helping the princess and the other passengers.

Stephan handed the case to the state prosecutor earlier this summer for a recommendation on whether to bring charges. The judge is not obliged to follow the advice.

He is expected to announce soon the end of the two-year investigation. He will then determine whether to proceed with charges against the 10 suspects.

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